Alicat Purrfections Cat Sitting Service Current Availability.

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During my annual leave, Alison, Emma and Sammy will be covering the visits. However, the bookings must be requested in advance and are subject to availability. The dates are noted here and at the top of the Booking Form, please check prior to booking. I am sure you will appreciate I require time off and … Read more

Cats and where it all began…..

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When you think of ancient history, your head probably fills with images of Greek mathematicians, Roman conquerors and Egyptian pyramids. But our beloved feline friends have also played an important role throughout ancient times, starring in folk tales, assisting goddesses in tricky situations and even persuading the prophet Muhammad to grant them the ability to … Read more

Popular Breeds and their traits

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There are many popular cat Breeds and all have their different characteristics. It is therefore best to do your research and find one that matches your requirements. As a cat sitter its one of the perks getting to meet so lots of cats, many of which are Pedigree Breeds. They are all beautiful and a … Read more

Get to know your cat inside and out

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Your cat’s whiskers are truly multifunctional, but their most important purpose is as a sensory tool. The official title for them is vibrissae, which comes from Latin ‘vibrio’ and means ‘to vibrate’. The hair follicle of your cat’s whiskers is loaded with nerves, and the whisker tip features a sensory organ known as a proprioceptor. Together, … Read more

Indoor, or Outdoor…that is the question. Which is best for your kitty?

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When you bring your cat home (suggested Blog https://alicatpurrfections.co.uk/alicat/what-preparations-do-you-need-to-do-to-welcome-a-new-cat-into-your-home/) and after a few weeks have settled in. It is time to decide will your cat be an indoor only cat or allowed access outside. Cats love to explore and hunt, so having access outside does enrich their lives and gives them great exercise. It also … Read more

Cats and Christmas…..do they go together?

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The festive period is upon us and with lots of you putting up your decorations early this year. I thought I would look into the joys of Christmas and cats, not always a great combination. You can spend hours making your tree look beautiful, then in walks your cat and within minutes its trashed. How … Read more

Have you got everything planned for a furbulous Holiday?

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I know travelling right now is not easy, however it is good to plan something nice to look forward to in the future. Are you planning an amazing holiday next year because you had to cancel this year? Or perhaps when restrictions allow booking a short trip away, visit friends or family. Purrfect! It is … Read more