The importance of cat play

Do you make time to play with your cat? Do you have lots of cat toys lying around and wonder why your cat doesn’t play with them?

Play has got to be fun and simulate catching prey to encourage your cat to get involved. It is so important for your cats health and development that you play with your cat daily. There are so many benefits for you as an owner as well as the cat.

Through play you are strengthening your relationship, bond, trust and connection. In the early stages of development, play is crucial for their co-ordination, muscles, instincts and general welfare.

A cat will happily sleep for around 15 hours a day, however they need stimulation to keep active and not get bored. Any opportunity take the time to play with your cat, encourage with a variety of different toys and discover together which are their favorite. It could be a simple piece of string or wool dragged along the floor, a small ball or a feather on a stick.

Pet shops offer a huge variety of toys to choose from including laser pens and huge multi cat climbing trees; there will be something your cat will go crazy for It could just be a sweetie wrapper, a hair band or cable tie. Whatever it is, engage with your cat and join in with the fun. Watch as they simulate their hunting skills to catch the toy or what the cat thinks is their ‘prey’. Gasp at how high they can jump in the air, twist and turn but land on their feet every time. By playing and interacting with your cat, it will make them healthy and happy fur babies.

When I am caring for your cat and have more time during the Pampering 30 min home visit, I try and play with your cat as much as possible. It’s a great way for me to get to know your cat and they love the interaction.

So go play with your cat and have some fun!

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